Yes, I know most of the people would be wondering that Energy?? whats new?? To be frank I haven´t formulated a new theory but I have really fascinating stuff unearthed through my BOZO friend who just doesn´t understand Physics.

Energy is according to most Physics textbooks ¨The ability to do work.¨ Now someone may ask what is work exactly? Then let me say this to some people´s irritation that work is said to be done in mechanics when a body is displaced under the influence of an unbalanced external force in the direction of force. Now isn´t that something difernt than your usual perception of work, which is getting sucked up at office!! 😉 well its a physics definition of work. Coming back to Energy, in physics we have many theories and laws regarding energy. Energy is ´generally´ of two types viz. Potential i.e. stored in a body due to its peculiar position and Kinetic i.e. energy stored in a body as a virtue of its velocity. We may easily say a stretched spring has more potential energy than a relaxed one or a body moving fast has more energy than an identical body moving at a slower speed. All these is Governed by following simple equations which is

Energy E = F*d where F is the force applied and d is the displacement in that direction. This equation is for potential energy. Mind you its a concise form.

You can compute kinetic energy with this equation… Energy E = mv*v/2. Where m is the mass of the body concerned and v is its velocity.

yes I know you´d be too familiar with these equations and definitions to be interested. But the point I´m trying to make is that science right now, can calculate, Quantify and even transform energy (thats bit lame). But can it  explain WHAT Exactly/Abractly or Really Energy is?? Most people don´t ask this. But my Bozo friend did.

This happened yesterday when he came up to me and asked ¨Hey you Mr. know-it-all, can you explain me Energy?¨ I was really irritated, to be honest, as I was between my work. Nevertheless I took him up.

I explained energy Physically with formulae and examples and what not. Ultimately he said ¨But this same as what I read in the textbook. I want to know what energy is ´really´.¨ I got his point. And I was stumped. My whole foundation of physics was being questiond by this BOZO. However, I know he was right. I can´t explain energy. None can. At most anyone can say is ¨Energy is….simply energy.¨ or some might repeat this ¨Energy is the capacity to do work.¨. But None really can explain satisfactorily what energy is really. You can try..

physics is funny

Perhaps yes. You would have known physics since many years or you might have just started with it (in which case you would be well in school). At  a risk of putting it bluntly, Physics is Science!! Nothing more nothing less.

Now lets be specific. Physics is a science which concerns life more than any other scientific branch!! Dont believe me?? Look around you, or just look in front, the same monitor on which you are reading this article is wonder-made-possible by PHYSICS. Right from a bicycle to auto mobiles and even space sciences fall under the aegis of physics.

NOW isn´t that a load of Bullsh*t??

Physics, in reality, our music systems Blast with music so loud that neighbors call the cops!! 🙂 . Who helps our bikes in getting pacey all the time?? physics. Whom shall we blame for our Passion for Berries and I-pods??Physics again. Now that is why my heart cries Hymn to Physics all the time.

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